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Martin Jones, FRAes and Chair of the Turbulent Preservation Society wishes to acknowledge that Trust owes a huge debt of gratitude to the  following companies and individuals who have given their support, time, expertise and encouragement to make the restoration possible: 




Jerry Knight 


Donated the aeroplane

Alan James

Provided the propeller


Aircraft Coverings Ltd

Henstridge Airfield Somerset

Supplied all the fabrics, dopes and paints free of charge


Harry Hopkins Derby

Donated the altimeter he had spare in response to a request Ken Fern made via social media. It's second-hand but its period for the Turbulent.

Harry used to own Gloster Air Parts.

LAS Aerospace Ltd

Supplied  a range of bolts and fittings (at a special price)


Mick Sharpe Western Coach Works Derby Repaired and welded the fuel tank
Brian Woodward Supplied the extended fuel filler neck, extension part and the propeller hub fixing bolts
The Tiger Club  Provided very early encouragement and an original Tiger Club Emblem
The Comet Racer Project. Derby Airfield Provided spruce and plywood offcuts for the frame repairs. 
TS Resins. Mold. N Wales Glue from batch of Aerodux originally donated to the Comet Project was used on the G-APNZ restoration.


David Beale 

Rebuilt the VW engine and advised on the special electrical set up.

David is an LAA inspector based in Cambridge UK.

He built a wonderful replica of a Percival Mew Gull


David Morris 

Grandson to Sir John Severne. Providing previously unseen photographs and access to Sir John's personal memorabilia including, the King's Cup air race trophy (miniature) and Sir John's original racing licences.

The Derby Restoration Team:

Martin Jones

Project managed the restoration process

Ken Fern

Did most of the repairs and recover/ painting, undercarriage and brakes etc.

Colin Cheese

Helped fit the registration lettering and and stickers

Bill Morris

Paul Ford
Volunteers from the Comet Racer Project:

Martin Walters

John Badger

Jon Brightwell

Finished off the engine installation and systems  and finished off the final fit on the cowlings
Nick Stone Donated the tail skid assembley from the spares he had for his own Turbulent project


Brian Woodward 

Machined up the parts that were needed


Ian Harrison

Transported the aircraft down to LAA rally in 2016


George Armstrong

Did the new drawings for the brake system
Dave Reid 

Supplied the drawing to make the brake levers in the Turbulent's cockpit.

Dave owns Chilton Monoplane G-JUJU (also nicknamed 'Black Magic')

Jodie Howlett

Jodie Howlett

Ian Naylor

Jazz Naylor

David Martin. Chelmsford